Multimarkdown to ePub

Loooking for an alternative to export multimarkdown to ePub using iOS. Currently, Ulysses will export to ePub, but I gave up my Ulysses subscription for Drafts and iA Writer, because I want to use only Multimarkdown editors. iA Writer exports to DocX, and Pages can import DocX files and publish to iBooks, however, MultiMarkdown footnotes don’t export as a footnote style.

(On MacOS you can use Multimarkdown Commander, Calibre, or Pandoc, but my ten-year-old MBP is on its last legs and I don’t use it enough to spend the money on a new one.)

You could look into converting the Multimarkdown to HTML in Drafts, and then calling out and using the Docverter API to do the conversion. Maybe that has enough support for what you are after?

You could use the Pandoc API to script this. See

How are you managing to run Pandoc on iOS, or are you referencing using a web version of Pandoc? If so what service? The referenced link is just the documentation used when creating your own Pandoc driven apps and services.

Well, what I meant to suggest was just that you could therefore script something accessible from Drafts, like Docverter seems to do.

What I actually do to access Pandoc remotely is use SSH. One could access Pandoc on a Mac from iOS through SSH using Prompt 2 from Panic or a VNC arrangement like Screens 4 for iOS from Edovia. That’s also how I process LaTeX documents remotely. I haven’t scripted it to run on Drafts, but one presumably could.

My goal is to use only iOS. Pandoc works great, but I tried two Web versions and they couldn’t deal with a large file.