Moving From iCloud Drive To DropBox, and I Don’t Want To Mess Up My Journal

Hi All!

I am still learning Drafts, so bear with me. I am moving from iCloud Drive to Dropbox. I have been using Drafts iCloud Journal for awhile now, and would like to continue to add to that Journal. After I move the Drafts folder to Dropbox, how do I tell Drafts that my Journal lives over there now, and not in iCloud Drive?

Also, I have already made a mis-stroke and added a date stamp for today in my Journal. Is there a way that I can remove it?

If you were using the Append to iCloud Journal action that shipped with the app, you can more or less just start using the Append to Dropbox Journal example action instead. It is configured essentially the same way, but to write to Dropbox instead on iCloud Drive.

If you made modifications to that action, you might need to copy over the templates between action steps to match the configuration you want.

If you follow the links to those actions, you can get a preview of how the actions are configured. Writing to Dropbox is a different action step.

You might want to make a few minor modifications to the Dropbox step in the default action, for example it is configured to write the journal files to the root of your Dropbox (Path = /), where you might prefer it to write to a folder within your Dropbox by changing the Path (like: Path = “/Drafts”, or similar).

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THANKS! That all makes perfectly good sense. Will do.