Morning Workflow - within Drafts

Every morning I go through my Drafts in the Inbox. I go through each draft and invoke Actions and send the notes to Todoist, Evernote or OneNote. I would like to start at the first draft, invoke the Action and then have it automatically go to the next Draft. Currently, after the Action it goes to a blank Draft.

What this the best way to have it go to the next Draft after the Action is run.

You want to enabled Focus mode while processing drafts. It does exactly what you describe, assuming you have your actions configured to auto-archive/trash the draft.


Apologies for bumping an old thread… So regarding having the actions set to archive/trash, are you referring to these action settings (see photo)?

Just want to make sure I’m doing it right, thank you.


That’s right. All of the after success settings are covered here: