Module Switcher Prompt UI

I’m working on an action to quickly switch modules using the new tools in Drafts 5.2. I want to prompt for which module to use and have the user decide if they want the action list and draft list visible or not. I’ve mocked up 3 different UIs for this, and would love input on what people think is the most user friendly. If it’s not clear, the final choice is 2 separate prompts.

I think the first one.

You could also have default settings for show drafts and action lists in the script that users could modify for their most common case.

const showDraftList = true;
const showActionList = false;

For me, the first option but with the “Show Draft List” and “Show Action List” at the top.

I am assuming that clicking on a module chooses it and moves on (i.e. no ‘OK’ button). Having the switches at the top allows me to choose them, then scroll (if necessary) to the module I want and just click it.

If the switches are at the bottom then I might need to scroll down to set them, then back up to the module that I want

Does that make sense?


Thanks for the input. Here is the action I ended up writing.

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If you want to make the action even easier for others to configure, you could consider defining the modules up top like:

const modules = {
    "Module 1": {"workspace":"Workspace 1", "action":"Action 1", "keyboard":"keyboard 1"},
    "Module 2": {"workspace":"Workspace 2", "action":"Action 2", "keyboard":"keyboard 2"},

People wouldn’t need to make any changes to the internals of your code. Just an idea.

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