Modifying Web Capture bookmarklet

Hi there

I would like to use a web capture bookmarklet derivated from the one provided on the Drafts site (poup version) : Drafts Web Capture - Drafts User Guide

In order to get this display :

Title of the web page
blank line
URL without ( )
blank line
Selected text without >

I was able to remove the > and [] from title and () from URL but not to split title and url on 2 différent lines.

Any help would be appreciated.


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The Plain Text Bookmarklet Example provided in the web capture docs is very close to that…only missing the blank link between the title and URL. Will that work for you?

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I tried this one too, but as I am not a developper, I did not find out how to split the title/url line in 2 differents ones.

The title and URL are on a separate line in that example. Thought that might be close enough. Not sure if your need for the blank line is for a specific purpose or just a preference.

The below adds the extra blank line, if you paste this into the address field of your bookmarklet:


Thanks so much, perfect !

A popup window would be a must but I do not want to take too much of your time.

This allows me to create a Drafts note, to add any useful information if necessary, and then to send it to Evernote with a specfic action.

Can I assume this isn’t browser-specific?