Modifying Monthly Journal Action

Hello, I am attempting to modify this action: monthly journal. I would like to add these properties to the journal, draft created date/time, created lat / long.

So my work flow would be, I create a draft and at a later time I process it using the “Monthly Journal” action. Right now the time I process it would be recorded in the journal. My goal is to have the metadata from when the draft was created be put in the journal.

I assume I would have to modify this. Below inserts the current date/time into monthly journal, rather than the creation date/time of the draft.
let contentTemplate = `-- [[time|%d %B %Y %I:%M %p]]

Any advice on how to add this info?

Yes, you are on the right track. If you modify the contentTemplate variable assign to the below, it will use the created date of the draft instead of the current time:

let contentTemplate = `-- [[created|%d %B %Y %I:%M %p]]`

This is using template tags, there are many available, you call also add [[created_longitude]], [[created_latitude]] in a format you prefer. You can get started with this article about using template tags.

You might be looking for something like the below, it sounds like:

let contentTemplate = `-- [[created|%d %B %Y %I:%M %p]], [[created_longitude]], [[created_latitude]]`

Works great (I just had to take the ` off the end of the line). Thanks!