Modify Drafts 4 add-on action "Add reminder to Due" to work in Drafts 5?

After all the recent podcast raves I just purchased Drafts 5. Watched the tutorials but I’m a newbie.

I really would like an add-on action to add a reminder to the Due app.

I found a “Add reminder to Due” app add-on in the Drafts 4 directory. Is it possible to use this in Drafts 5? If so, how to modify it for Drafts 5?

Thank you. Keith

Do you have Drafts 4? If so, you can install the old action, the edit it, scroll to the bottom and use “Drafts 5: Migrate Action” to move it to Drafts 5.

I’m sure it will take a little while to get the new Action Directory filled up with some of those actions, but in the meantime most will directly migrate.

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Thanks! I did have Drafts 4 but deleted it after I installed Drafts 5. I’ll try to reinstall it and migrate the Due action that way.