Modify Action 'Add to List' to add without - [ ]

Is it possible to use Add to List and have the list not include the precursor - [ ] ??

I use Add to List for several quick and simple Journals - they are ‘one-liners’ that include a date, a keyword and short text. Here is a typical entry “05/03 Home - Completed side yard tool shed” I found I have to go through several steps to backup/save a month’s posting to a spreadsheet that simply has 3 columns for Date | Keyword | Text. I do this by using ‘Text to Columns’ to separate entries into columns.

  1. Copy list to a spreadsheet
  2. Use Text to column to remove ‘-’
  3. Use Text to column to remove ‘[ ]’
  4. Text to Column to remove ‘-’

I can simplify the monthly task now by using a) and Action that provides Date*. I then add Keyword* (space) and post. I still have several steps to remove - [ ] …

Thanks, Bob

There are several “add to list” actions available in the directory, but I am guessing you are referring to this one.

If so, you should just need to remove [ ] from the line .map(ln => `- [ ] ${ln.trim()}`)

If that isn’t the action you are referencing, perhaps you could provide a link to it?

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Perfect … works like a charm and saves me several steps in backing up the date sensitive journals. Much appreciated