Modified Todoist actions

Tasks in Todoist is a great action. I just want to enhance it.

What I want to do:
Have a Drafts action that sends lines of items to Todoist, each with a string of text, in this cast: “next weekday @office #pitches” appended to the end.

What I’m doing now? Using an Apple keyboard shortcut to expand “tpitch” to that string of text, and entering at the end of every line — as attached.

In short: Would love help in creating modified versions of the Tasks in Todoist action.

Screen Shot 2022-02-05 at 4.01.05 PM

thank you,

Change this line in the action’s script step:

let success = todoist.quickAdd(line);

to pass the line of text plus your additional text:

let success = todoist.quickAdd(line + " next weekday @office #pitches");

Hope that helps.

For anyone looking for the “Tasks in Todoist” action, there are two very similar looking ones listed publicly in the directory, but I referred to this one for suggesting an answer.


Thank you!!! This helped so much, and now I can roll my own too!

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