Missing new drafts after they are created on Mac Drafts

I’ve got to be missing something. If I click new draft. Write something. Then click on another draft in the list my new draft disappears and never shows up in the list.

No filters applied - no tags. If I search for the draft it will appear. I’m so confused.

New drafts appear in other devices (ios and mac). It appears to be local to this one install. What am I missing?

The obvious answer would be filters (which workspaces also apply), but you note that you have already checked and none are applied; presumably you cleared the filters to confirm this.

Separate to filters are folders. Have you checked the folder it is in? E.g. Archive vs Inbox?

Thanks for the reply… heres a gif of making a new draft followed by another…

really strange.

Curious. I can see clear filters and a sort that should allow the new draft to appear at the top.

I also see a drafts count on my list (look just under the inbox), and don’t see a setting to enable/disable that. What Drafts version do you have installed? I have 27.0.11.


Oh. My. God. :man_facepalming: I must have been running a beta version or something. It was 5.x or something super low. I thought I was using the MAS version.

ALL SOLVED!!! Thanks!