Missing Actions

I upgraded to the iPhone 15 PM last week from a 13 MP. Everything synced over without a hitch, except for my Drafts actions. All my notes are there, but the actions I built, and have synced with Drafts for Mac, didn’t show up. Any ideas on how to get them back?

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Drafts is typically set to automatically create backups of actions, but your actions should not have disappeared.

  1. Are the actions still on ypur other device(s)?
  2. If you search for a missing action by name on your new device, is it found?

Yes, they are all on my Mac but searching actions on my phone results in nothing.

Okay, so that would seem to confirm a sync over a UI issue.

I would suggest trying to work throught the sync troubleshooting steps and then if necessary creating a new group and action on the Mac and the phone to look explicitly at the actions sync. This way you can establish if your actions are syncing in any way between the devices - e.g. new actions only syncing, syncing in one direction, no action sync at all. It might also help put useful fresh data in the sync log.
iCloud Sync | Drafts User Guide