Mirroring feature

I am using Drafts every day and would like to thank the creators and the community.

Actually I know that there is a “link to draft” feature using [[]]
but i’d like a feature where I can directly mirror any given draft into another draft.

And when editing that draft, it would also automatically edit the mirrored draft.

This would be very useful for me as a writer.
As I write multiple chapters in multiple drafts.
So it would allow having a “full picture” from my book in one single draft.

I really hope that you could implement this feature

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How is this different from transclusion? You could do that as part of a Preview action of sorts.

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Hi martin,
thanks for the reply.
I wasn’t aware of the transclusion action.

This may be a good option to just preview the work… but what if you make any modification to the text in the draft?
you have to run the action action… which makes it not as efficient as having a mirroring feature.

@spykee03 I also want to thanks that community. I have seen this link it is incredible for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

To me that’s a plus: I use boilerplate Markdown in some of my (mdpre/md2pptx) presentations and I’m forever fiddling with the transcluded Markdown. (Generally when I add capabilities to md2pptx but also as I figure out what the boilerplate “educational” slides should evolve to.)