Migrating from Drafts 4 (Folders)


I just migrated from Drafts 4 to 5, I used the commands in the settings, and everything went quite smooth, but I don’t understand what’s happened to all my folders. I created several folders to store my drafts, now it looks all drafts have been placed in the archive. Also most of the keyboards I have created disappeared. I haven’t check my actions yet, but fortunately I didn’t create many, so it should be fine.

I searched through the help, but I couldn’t find anything about this folders issue. I guess Drafts 5 now use tags as folders, or a different way to organize drafts, but I’m not sure what.

Thanks for any help


I think you will find most questions answered in the migration guide:

Regarding “folders”, the modern Drafts equivalent is “Workspaces”. docs