Microsoft To Do not working with work account

I’ve been trying to get the Microsoft To Do integration working with my work account. I set it up in Drafts and when I triggered the action, it would pull up the authorization screen you can see below:


I contacted the admin and got them to TeamView in, sign in, and approve the app. After I did this, the action would trigger and return as successful, but the task wouldn’t actually appear in To Do. In other words, Drafts says everything’s working, but nothing gets added to To Do.

After this, I added my email as a credential in the action settings, then got the same verification requirement, again got the admin to approve it, but the result was the same: Drafts would say it was successful but no new tasks were actually added.

Any ideas what may be wrong?

What action are you using in Drafts? Is it one that uses the To Do action step, like this one, or a scripted action?

The action step should error out if the To Do API returned any errors. It’s possible a scripted one was not written to capture and report errors.

I’m using the one you indicated, from the Drafts Directory, the To Do action step. It doesn’t error out, but it also doesn’t add anything.

Any idea on how I could debug this?

Always start with the action log. Any messages?

Are you sure you are authenticated with the right To Do account? I know many people have multiple Microsoft accounts, and sometimes the wrong one is connected. You could try forgetting you To Do credentials in Settings and re-auth.