Microsoft Loop Integration

Since the integration or exporting/appending to OneNote works great, and is one of my favorite features, it would be cool, if there would be a similar method to directly and easy get stuff to Microsoft Loop.

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As of today, Microsoft has neither shipped nor announced plans for a Loop API that would allow integration from other apps like Drafts. It seems likely that will come eventually, but no telling when.

I’m not super familiar with Loop, there may be some other ways to work with it and get information in that could work with Drafts. I installed the Loop app, but it does not seem to provide a share extension that works with the system share sheet on iOS. Is there maybe a way to email things to Loop? Couldn’t find any docs on that.

Seems like Loop is not mature enough to support most of the standard ways of integrating.

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I agree, Loop is in a very early stage. It does allow Markup Copy and Paste, and that seems to work. So from a formatting persective it is already aligned with Drafts.
Thnls for your fast reply.