Messages on iPhone are lost

I am running Drafts on iPhone, watch, Mac and iOS. Messages disappear on my inbox on iPhone and watch but are retained in iPad/Mac. Not sure it is the watch or iPhone. /any help would be appreciated!!

I assume that you mean drafts in the Drafts app inbox and not messages sent by Drafts in the Messages app. On that basis, when you say they are lost, do you mean:

  1. They disappear when you run an action?
    • Check the archive and trash folders and what your actions are set to do when run.
  2. They are not syncing between devices.
  3. Something else?
    • Please describe the nature of the issue in more detail.

OK, wnen I dictate msg into watch, I can do this for multiple messages and they appear on iPhone Draft app, and iPad and Mac aboard. After a time, the inbox on iPhone and watch go to ‘no drafts found’ on watch and iPhone but are retained in iOS.Mac without my doing anything. Also, I have two Apple watches with one charging and the other being worn.

Any chance you are switching workspaces on some devices that would exlude the drafts?

Can you still find the drafts on all devices if you use an unfiltered search?

It does superficially sound like there is some filtering applied to the list on the iPhone that is not active on the iPad/Mac. Any text in the search field? Any tag filter applied?