Message and Mail Action Wizards

I’ve released a couple of web-based action builders as an experiment in trying to make it easier for new users to get started with creating custom actions for a couple of common use-cases.

Initially, there are two wizards, one for creating Message actions, and one for creating Mail actions, with minimal configuration.

Try the Action Wizards :arrow_upper_right:

I’m interested in feedback on use of these wizards, if they are worth expanding on, etc.

These are completely client-side web tools, which work by constructing install URLs for actions dynamically based on content in a web form.



Fantastic. So easy to do usable actions with these wizards. Great work!

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i just installed them and they work handily -

I really started getting my head around actions 6 months ago - and use it a lot to create and then publish to files - for later publishing into a blot site and also to publish into my micro blog site

i have seen other actions in the collection for mail and messages - but yours I like more - because they allow a series of these to be preset to different groups and people

I can think of another use case around What’s App - so many groups and spaces in there - this would be perfect … I tend not to be a big publisher into Whats App - so wouldn’t use it, but am sure if these two new actions are picked up - whats app would be … it might need to be phone only ? although the mac has an app called chat mate for whats app

Bottom line - thankyou

To me as a technical doofus - I find actions really good - and always try out what I see - e.g. Brett T published a whole series of Markdown actions recently - I tried - and then deleted - they are too edge casey for my use - but if you are trying to explore how to simply use actions to draw people in - this is perfect.

side note - I have now worked out how to move actions around - put them in different groups etc … maybe there is a second thread that explores better help to bring people into the world - extra ordinarily powerful - but not immediately apparent.

A LATER PS - having the email action support using HTML mail would be great - I tried editing the message to do that and got a not supported warning … doable?

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These are very helpful. I have an action for mailing to a group but this exposes more possibilities such as additional template tags. I’m less keen on learning a scripting language so the forms allow me to focus on using Drafts vs building functionality to use Drafts. Much appreciated and look forward to more :slight_smile: Thanks.


Would be nice if you can select your mail cliënt. I use Airmail instead of Apple Mail, so the Mail action Wizard doesn’t work for me.

But basically is this what I would love 2 see.

I add my voices to the ones above; thanks for producing these and please don’t stop. A Whatsapp version would be great