Message action failing

I recently moved my setup from a venerable MacBook Pro 15" to a new MacBook Pro 14". Since then, the “Message” action fails with a red triangle. In the log, I read “Message services not available.” What can I do, from this point ?

Can you send messages from the Messages app?

Yes, it works perfectly.

  • Can you use Messages from the share menu (in any app)? Via share action in Drafts, or the share button in the Safari toolbar, for example?
  • Have you tried rebooting? Sounds like some kind of temporary system weirdness.

Yes, it worked, before rebooting.

I did reboot, as you suggested, and it seems the issue is gone. Let’s keep fingers crossed… Thank you very much.

Do you have any more specific idea as to what the issue could’ve been? In all fairness, I do use quite a lot of extensions/menu bar tools.