Merging notes, separated by date stamp

Hi all

Is there a good way of merging a ~50 notes or so into a new note or exporting to text, google doc etc… with each note separated by time / date stamp?

Example, I have a few months worth of workouts logged, each in a separate notes. If I wanted to merge them all together with visibility into what date each note was from, how would I do that?


You could use an action for this.

Actions always run on the current draft unless otherwise specified, but you can run bulk operations against a set of drafts when you select them in the drafts list and one such operation can be an action.

Here’s how you could approach it. It’s probably more straightforward than you think. Just a few lines of script in fact (2-4 below)

  1. First create a new recipient draft and get it’s UUID.
  2. Create an action to get append the time stamp in your desired format for ‘the current draft’ to the content of the recipient draft, specified by the UUID.
  3. Repeat, but this time adding the content of the current draft to the recipient draft.
  4. Repeat to add any additional spacing or draft delimiter you may desire to the recipient draft.
  5. Apply an “update()” to the recipient draft to save the additions.

When that’s run against multiple drafts (check your sort order), it should iterate through them adding the data to the recipient draft.

Hope that helps,

Ok - thanks a bunch for the suggestion.

I’ve never made an action before so I’ll try some googling to see if I can figure it out. Thanks again!