Merge Drafts — don't ask me again checkbox

I use the Merge Drafts function very often. Always in the same way, so it would be nice to be able to disable showing the merge modal. For example, using a checkbox:
2021-11-06 at 08.55

Then you would have no way to access it to re-enable it without having another option in say the app settings to do it. In which case is the original checkbox you propose required or would it then confuse a user looking to re-enable it?

I wonder if it might be possible to build an action that do this? I don’t think actions can run against a set of selected drafts other than against each individually, but maybe there’s a workaround (without making it more selections than the standard merge function at the moment.

Q) do you manually select drafts to merge (e.g. non sequentially), or do you select and merge all based on a search/tag/workspace/etc?