Mass Export / backup

Hey everyone, new to drafts community.
I have been using drafts (not full version) for about 6 months, and have amassed nearly 800 different drafts.

I’ve learned to archive and export to other programs as needed, but now that I have so many drafts within the app, im worried that if I upgrade, I may lose them all. I’m also concerned that “if something happens” I’ll lose all this work.

Does Drafts have some mass export, or backup capability? Is drafts backed up in the cloud? These are pretty novice questions admittedly, but hopefully you can understand how it feels to have lots of work in a place that you’re not entirely sure won’t crash and lose your work.

Thanks guys

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Do you have a backup strategy for your Mac?

Yes, I have an external hard drive that a back my Mac onto. Would all my drafts saved in the app also be backed up that way? I guess im having trouble distinguishing an accessible file that exists outside of the app.

I guess since im used to having a transferable file type like .psd or .jpg .doc .png .pdf etc. I’m not worried about a crash or malfunctioning of the program used to create those files since they exist independently of the software.

If you do a backup of your whole internal drive you should be safe.

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Check out batch operations.

There’s a set of export options in the batch operations menu.


Drafts has built in automated backups. I believe these are enabled by default. They output to your iCloud folder for Drafts, so they should be held in the cloud.


thank you for these responses, very helpful.