Markdown to Slack

I’ve built my own version of @nahumck’s meeting notes processor (thanks for the start Tim). One thing I want to add at the end is a step to transform the Markdown in the draft into the closest Slack formatted equivalent on my clipboard for posting them there.

I see a handful of github repos of folks who have written conversion code. I am thinking of building my own action step (or perhaps even a web service usable by Shortcuts too). But before I go to that effort, I’m wondering if I’m missing something obvious.

Has anyone come up with an elegant way to start in Drafts and end up posting a message to Slack that uses their own formatting markup?

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Hi Mike,
Did you get anywhere with this action?

I work for Slack and am interested this, too. I’m super new to Drafts but it looks like I can create a custom syntax and then apply it to the text? Maybe?

If anyone has done this let me know. If not I might try my hand at this even though I’m still in the early learning phase.

You could make a custom syntax to syntax-highlight Slack’s specific mutation of Markdown. You would likely start with a copy of the Markdown syntax, and make modifications for the things Slack does different, like bold/italics.

Should also be possible to build scripted actions to post to Slack.