Markdown to simple text (without markdown syntax)

Is there a way to “clean” a text written in markdown (with all the markdown syntax) and to get to a version in simple text?

Can you explain what is your purpose of doing that? Markdown itself is actually a kind of plain text format, its syntax would only be used when rendering to other rich text formats like html or pdf. Purging the symbols like # headings, **bold**, - list items is a loose of data the origin file represents. Besides, for most of the situations where plain text is required, markdown should also be legit to use.

If you search for “markdown to plain text” on Google, you can find some tools/libraries do exist for that purpose, however, there’s a simple way to achieve it without using any external tools: render your markdown file to HTML (this could be done by most of the markdown editors that provide Preview functionality), then control + A and control + C, open a blank text file, paste it and you can get the stripped simple text content.

It should have been …to plain text, I’m sorry, I mixed up simple list and plain text wording in Drafts. Can you do this rendering with Drafts to get to the HTML file?

File > Show Preview will do the trick