Markdown to Evernote / ENML conversion



Hey guys,

I love to create notes in Drafts with markdown.
To “archive” or share them I want to use evernote.
Unitl now I just use an action which creates a note with converting the template [[draft]] via output format markdown and the [[safe_title]] for the note.

Its working but in evernote the formatting is not looking very good. E.g. the vertical Space between headlines and bullet lists and so on. I didn’t found any solution within evernote to change this in the note manually… Using HTML conversion of the draft and afterwards creating a note in evernote with ENML output format has the same result.

So I wanted to ask of anyone has a better action to parse markdown notes into evernote.
I havent found anything like a javascript converter from markdown to ENML, thats why I’m asking…