Markdown Preview -- how to change CSS

I would like to change the font, size etc of the Markdown Preview with iCloud (or any preview, for that matter).

I can’t find where the theme files are stored.

In fact, I’m having difficulty finding where my Drafts files, Mac + iOS, are stored. I have a Drafts folder on iCloud, and preferences point to iCloud, but there’s hardly anything in the folder. Everything saves and syncs just fine, but where that happens is a mystery. For me, everything is on a cloud, either Dropbox, iCloud or a couple of others – but I wouldn’t have a reason not to use the default iCloud.

Clearly I’m missing something fundamental here. Please help me out…

Assuming you are using an HTML Preview step in a Markdown Preview action, take a look at the step to view the template content.

Stephen, thanks for your quick response. Looks like the answer, but where do I find that action or step? I’m not seeing anything like this in the Actions Directory, or within the two Preview Actions I have tried…

Here’s one of the standard actions Greg created in the Actions Directory that’s a preview action.

Install it, if you don’t already have it, edit it (you will of course need to have a subscription to edit actions), and then select the second step (HTML preview) and edit the template in that.

Here’s the documentation for that preview step.