Manage multiple ToDo Lists

I have written an action which allows to manage multiple ToDo Lists. Just create a new draft and write the todo items (one per line). Select the action and you will be prompted to select one of your existing todo lists (they need to be tagged with “todolist”).

Your items will be appended to the selected list as todo checkmarks.

Add to ToDo List

Hope this will be useful.

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Hi, thanks so much for sharing.

This is a good idea if you do not managing want the lists in another app.

So great idea and nicely written in code.
A great starting point for modifications.

The only line that is harder to get is the spilt/map/join

I understand what it is doing, but it is a bit complex for a simple prepend/append.

What do you think?

Ok, this handy one-liner may indeed be somewhat hard to read :slight_smile:

I have split it up to make modifications easier.

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I think that’s the reason why I never adopted this map/filter functions.


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The trouble with list comprehensions is they’re hard to comprehend. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I think it takes a lot of practice with them to get comfortable with them. I’m not sure they’re actually harder to debug, though.

I agree. They make total sense in the right context are super compact code.
I like the chaining of functions like:

data_output =data_input.filter(“condition”).map(...).process(...)

In @zisoft script they were the only complex function that was in there.

Now the complete action is perfect to read and modify even for beginners.