Making the point for a per-draft language setting

I usually write my drafts in German. However, occasionally I use English, too. Since there’s no possibility in Drafts to set the language for a document, I get a bunch of red wavy underlines for all the english words that are considered misspellings (in German, of course). Which is a lot…
So at least for me it would be helpful if one could specify the language for a draft so that the spell checker knows what language to use.

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A key question is “where is the spell checking coming from?”

Most probably from one of Apple’s frameworks. And I suppose that this can be parametrized. It’s actually funny: Drafts on the Mac is not localized, so the whole GUI is English (not that I mind). But when I write in English, the spell checker goes beserk.

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Spell checking enablement is applied as an option in syntax settings.

On i*OS, the spell check language is taken from the current soft keyboard.

Spell checking multiple languages on Mac is covered here.


I see - one can set the language for spell checking to kind of “automatic” in the macOS preferences. Which seems to work in my case.


I would say its the keyboard itself.

Working with two languages is - even on iOS - still a pain.
I would like a system wide switch for single and multi language switching


@chrillek could you test by installing the Pythonista keyboard or the Google Keyboard.

If your willing to experiment even more try Typewise.


I do not now why I did not see it before - but the iPadOS 14 has quite a bit of enhancements on the keyboard settings.

I’m actually using the Gboard most of the time. My problems aroused on the MacBook, where you don’t easily switch keyboards. And switching them probably has no effect on spell checking.
The other argument for a language setting is of course the HTML preview that should have a lang attribute in the html element. Which in turn would make automatic hyphenation easier… But we’ve been there.

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Again that iOS / macOS thingy …

I support that request since I write in three languages: English, German and Brazilian Portuguese.