Making Drafts more available on iOS - some thoughts

It would be really cool if Drafts was more available on iOS. I’m thinking perhaps as a custom keyboard with a text field above the keys, plus various widgets for performing actions, recalling old drafts, etc.
With this functionality, one would not need to switch from their current app over to Drafts to execute an action.

Or perhaps as a control center widget, pull down from the upper right (up from bottom on phone), tap Drafts, do a thing, then back to work.


iOS apps cannot access Control Center…that all system level with no developer APIs.

Custom keyboard has been considered, but would be very limited in what it can do (basically just insert text, similar to what the iMessages app can do)…and is a lot of hassle, since Apple requires any third party keyboard also provide a fully functioning keyboard, not just custom functionality.

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Before my X, I often found myself swiping over to the Today view (down for notification center first) from other apps to paste in through the widget. Now I just go home and longpress Drafts itself. If I’m really tied down in another app, I can always do voice input through my watch or a Siri shortcut.

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