Make Action Bar Buttons Larger in macOS

Wondering if the action bar in macOS could have an option to make the action buttons bigger?

Old eyes…

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Feels like this ought to be something enabled system-wide by Apple if it isn’t already? Le olde “Make everything bigger b/c I’m not longer young and/or I’m using a 4k monitor” checkbox?

I was just looking through the settings to see if there was a way to increase that font size.


I’m interested in how you use the Action Bar on the Mac. I’ve always felt it was not really a great fit for the Mac user interface but included it for consistency with the iOS functionality – assuming most users would hide it and use menus/keyboard shortcuts and the action list more on the Mac.

Do you keep text-formatting action there? Just use it as an additional toolbar?

On my Action Bar now, I have:

  • “insert timestamp” action
  • insert task i.e. inserting [ ]
  • highlight
  • strike through
  • footnote
  • copy all and delete
  • and new, ChatGPT

These are useful, whether in the iOS or in the Mac.

My primary action group is used on both Mac & iOS:

  • run shortcut to Tasks
  • post to Mastodon normal
  • copy all
  • run shortcut Daily Note
  • insert custom time format
  • post to Wordpress
  • insert custom date format
  • send to work email
  • post to Mastodon threaded