Make a template that has a title but don't render the title when applying the template

I like the templates feature but I also like to have a title on them. However sometimes I don’t want the title to be rendered when I create a new draft with the template. Is there anything I can do to give the template a title without showing that title when creating?

Example template:

Merge PR template
# Issues

- [card-number and short description](card-link)

# Description

**card-number** — longer description

# Commits

Drafts does not have a “template feature”, per se. There are a number of ways to do templates. Are you using the “New Draft with Template” example action discussed in this thread:

If so, the current version of that example action supports omitting the first line. You may just need to update to the current version of the action by re-installing from the Directory.

This is example what I’m talking about. let me give this a shot and I’ll report back.

@agiletortoise That worked! Thanks so much.