Mail Assistant—How to Show BCC Field?

Hello, I’m using Mail Assistant to send Markdown-formatted emails in macOS for the first time. Following the instructions here does everything I need except expose the BCC field in the popup composer window. I’m using the linked Markdown Mail (w/ Mail Assistant) action, which brings up a composer window showing the “To” and “CC” fields. I don’t see any settings in the action or obvious UI elements in the composer that allow me to show the BCC field. Appreciate any assistance!

For what it’s worth, I tried calling it directly with the URL scheme, and explicitly setting the BCC field to be populated.


For me, using Mail Assistant, version 0.2.1, this does not show the BCC field, and on sending, after checking the details of the sent mail, I can see it is only going to the TO and CC. Nothing for the BCC.


This might be behaviour for @agiletortoise to confirm.

Thanks for the reply—the screenshot shows the exact behavior I’m seeing. I also tried to edit the action to BCC a specific address and it didn’t receive the test email I sent. Maybe a bug with the Mail Assistant?

@agiletortoise - can you confirm if this is a bug or user error on our part?

This appears to be an Apple issue. Unfortunately what is visible in that send window is all Apple’s territory and not something I can influence.

I seem to remember BCC being available when I first built Mail Assistant on Catalina, but I may be wrong, it may never have been there.

I will submit a Feedback to Apple about the issue.