Mail Assistant Error

I have recently installed Mail Assistant on my Big Sur MBP and I am getting an error message when I try to run the Markdown Mail (w/ Mail Assistant) action:

[“errorCode”: “10”, “errorDescription”: “Service not available”]
Callback returned error.

Any thoughts?

When you say “recently installed”, do you know how recent?

I only ask as a Big Sur update to the app was released about two weeks ago, so if it was before that, the reasons might be that your version would be outdated.

Do you have Mail accounts configured in Mail app? It uses system APIs which require accounts.

Thanks for your help! Sorry for not being clearer, in this case, recently means today.

I downloaded and installed the newest version of Mail Assistant just an hour before I posted here.

Hello and thank you for your help! Yes, I do have an account configured in the Mail app.

Strangely enough, looking back at my sent folder now, the messages are there. I promise they were not before, and the error message I posted was from the Action Log which told me that it failed.

I am happy it worked! In the future, I will wait it out and see if the message shows up in my sent folder even if I get the error message.