Magic Mouse swipe issues

On an iPad Air 3 in Drafts, when I swipe to the right (left to right), the Inbox menu shows, and when I swipe to the left (right to left), the Actions menu shows. This is logical given that those items are on the left and right respectively.

But when I’m using a Magic Mouse 2 connected by Bluetooth to the iPad and I swipe right to left on the Magic Mouse with one or two fingers, the Inbox shows up, and when I swipe left to right with one or two finders, the Action menu shows up. Essentially, the swipes function oppositely, and counterintuitively, when using the Magic Mouse 2.

Not sure if this is a Drafts issue or a Magic Mouse issue. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Have you maybe tried seeing if the natural scrolling setting for the mouse affects it?

Yes, that did it. Thanks very much.