macOS : Open with Drafts by default?

Is there any possibility, using macOS, to open a md file (markdown) or text file using Drafts by default as you can do with Text Edit or Apple Notes ?

If I right click and choose “Open with” in Finder, Drafts is not available for markdown files.

Could help using Drafts as my universal text editor.
Any best practice appreciated.

Drafts does not edit and save files. It has a database behind the scenes and can import and export files, but it does not work with files in the same way a text editor would.


But you can open a text or markdown file in Drafts.

So the question was “is there any way to open such a file in Drafts from Finder” ?

Drafts registers for all text file types, and appears as an option for .txt, .md and other common plain text files in the “Open With” in Finder menu - or to be assigned as the default app for those types - on all my Macs.

Not sure why it would not be on your machine. Have you rebooted lately? Maybe just a temporary glitch with type registration.