MacOS: Keyboard Shortcut for Actions to assign to app like Better Touch Tool?

I’m back with another Mail action question. I’d like to be able to write the email in Drafts and then send it to Mail all with a keyboard shortcut, or at least without navigating through a menu.

If I had a keyboard shortcut, I could map it to a Better Touch Tool action, I think, and think I could use the Touch Bar or something else to do it even more quickly/easily.

Thanks again for any help!

You can add a custom keyboard shortcut to any action.

For BTT, you could also use a URL to trigger a Drafts action via Drafts’ URL scheme.

Thanks; that’s great. It didn’t really occur to me think through a URL action. But now I see that the Touch Bar itself is active while using Drafts, and I’m trying to figure out how to add actions to the tool bar, which might then show up on the Touch Bar (but the option to “Customize Touch Bar” is greyed out for me for now).

The action bar should get displayed in the touch bar unless you have it set for BTT to be overriding it. Otherwise maybe you have hidden the action bar?

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