Mac - where's custom app icon?

Hi. Subscribed to Pro and tried to change app icon on Mac but can’t find where to do it. Managed to set on iOS but can’t find on Mac, where is it? Thanks

The macOS doesn’t support changing app icons like i*OS does, so the feature isn’t available in the app.

Thanks for the quick reply. Strange that Mac App Store has description under Pro Subscription of “… customer app icon …” so thought it’s one of the features on Mac. Description needs to be updated, bit misleading :-/

Thanks for pointing that out, oversight to not make clear that is iOS only in that description.

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You can change the icon of any app (or file or folder) on the Mac. Just paste the new icon into the app’s Get Info window:

The most difficult part is finding an image you want to use.


@drdrang is right … finding the right image for the application icon can be difficult.

@agiletortoise I don’t know how many folks would make use of the alternative icons, but perhaps you could consider posting high-res Mac versions of the iOS icons here on the forum.

I love the red version because it really sticks out on my iOS devices. On the Mac, the muted blue icon gets a bit lost on my (mostly blue hued) dock, so a red icon would be nice and prominent.

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@agiletortoise, if you’re interested - Tot app on Mac figured out a way to customise app icon allowing change of color

My brain seems to use icon color when scanning the dock / Home Screen for an app, so the icon color really makes a difference for me. The default blue gets lost in the sea of my other blue apps.

It seems easy enough to manually change them on macOS. Does anyone know where to download the beautiful iOS icons? Would you consider making those available, @agiletortoise?

The formats are not exactly translatable between iOS and Mac icons. It may be something I’ll consider, but I think there are some issues with applying custom icons, especially to app downloaded from the App Store, that I have not had time to adequately research.