Mac web capture append/pre-append

Hi Everyone, I could not find any discussion about append/pre-append for Mac web capture. Am I missing it or is it not a feature for capture on Mac? Perhaps it is a planned feature?

My primary reason for trying Drafts (Pro) is the iOS workflow for capturing markdown notes on websites (e.g. reading an article and capturing highlights to a single note using append). It would be wonderful to have this workflow on Mac as well.

Fundamentally, the iOS and macOS capture options are different. But there are some options.

1) Global Capture

You can append via the Mac only global capture window, if you have a Pro subscription. But you probably need to back and forth using the clipboard to populate it.

2) Alfred Workflow

As an alternative, if you also happen to be an Alfred user and PowerPack subscriber, the Alfred Workflow I created, Doctor Drafts, allows you to create your own custom set-ups to append the current text selection to drafts. That has the advantage of working across apps.

If you want something to also capture the URL, you could use some AppleScript to grab that from the frontmost browser window, and include that with your selection.

You could set up a flow that calls the drappend flow, optionally specifying the UUID of the draft to append to.

If you or anyone else is interested in more details on how to do this, I could put together some examples on request.


Thanks for the suggestions Ill check them out. That said, I am really happy with the iOS append workflow on iPad. I love having a way to save a single highlight from an article at a time instead of waiting to finish highlighting the article in an app like Instapaper and then manually moving the highlights to markdown.

For others that are new to Drafts - I start by creating the Draft with the iOS Safari toolbar share button to grab the tittle and URL. Then use the text highlight share sheet to append content from the article.