Mac : Two active Dock icons?

I have noticed several times that there are two running Drafts icons in the dock (they have the dot under them). I do not have Drafts pinned to the dock since I have hot keys to invoke it. Has anyone else seen this? It is not a real problem but is odd. I haven’t noticed any real behavior difference and I can quit one or both of them…

Edit: And it’s not the Handoff icon either - they are side by side on the right.

Any chance you have both the beta and the App Store version installed?

I think @cpac is right that you likely have two version of the app installed on your machine. If you right-click on them in the dock and go to “Options”, you can “Show in Finder” and figure out where the extra on is located to put it in the trash.

I considered that and I definitely had the beta up until it ceased to be current. I used Find Any File to search to make sure I only have one app. It only found one but I will check again next time it happens. That is probably what is happening.