Mac Keyboard Shortcut - Open Current Draft

Does a Mac keyboard shortcut exist to open an existing Draft.
I can use the mouse or touchpad to launch Draft app on the dock … but I would like to simply use the keyboard and add a post in an existing Draft (I call it Quick Note) that is a list of thoughts/ideas/tasks

You can create an Apple Shortcuts shortcut to capture text and add it to a specified Draft. This can be associated with a keyboard shortcut.

If you happen to use Alfred, this can also be accomplished using a custom workflow and leveraging Doctor Drafts in a similar. See the Scratch Pad use case for the gist of how (but you can append rather than prepend and apply various other options).

You might also find the daily log approach of interest.

Hoep that helps.

Thank you for the information … I am a simple User of Drafts

I was hoping that someone using a 2 or 3 letter keyboard shortcut like Command + D or Control + D or whatever that will launch Drafts. Currently I launch Drafts by clicking the app on the Mac Dock with the cursor and only wanted to do the same using keys.

Sorry for any confusion

Apple Shortcuts has an open application action that can be used to open Drafts. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to an Apple Shortcuts shortcut.

You could therefore create a single step Shortcuts shortcut with an associate keyboard shortcut trigger to activate it, and this could launch the Drafts app.

Drafts has a global keyboard shortcut which can be used to bring Drafts to the front. It defaults to shift-command-1, and can be set to any shortcut of your liking the Settings. For global shortcuts to work, however, the app must be running.

This will also not open a specific draft, just bring the app to the front. If you leave Drafts in pin mode, or have the “New draft after” setting set to “Never”, this will always return you to the last draft you were editing.

That may address your needs, not sure.

If you want a shortcut that will work to launch the app, you have to use another utility to do that, as apps can’t register shortcuts when they are not already running. Thus the suggestions to use Shortcuts. Drafts has an “Open Draft” shortcuts action. You can launch the Shortcuts app, create a new shortcut, add juse an “Open Draft” action, and select the draft you want to open in that action - then running it will both launch Drafts, and open that specific Draft. In the (i) panel of the Shortcut, you can also choose to assign a keyboard shortcut to that and make it globally available to run.

Hope this helps!

shift-command-1 does what I need - since Drafts is alway open on dock.
I will pursue the shortcut as well

sylumer - thank you as well