Mac inbox not showing anything

I have several drafts in iOS syncing across iPhone and iPad. Working fine.

Mac version - nothing in inbox at all.
Create draft in Mac = shows up on iOS fine, still not visible anywhere in Mac inbox or archive
Can go to the down-arrow at top of Mac window and get list of previous drafts there

Not using Tags anywhere. At all. and i have no filters or search being applied to the inbox.

Do I have a view setting wrong somewhere ?


Ihave this issue as well. Works fine on ipad and two iphones as well as my imac. On my MacBook pro there is nothing. Anyone help please?

Are you a Drafts Pro Subscriber? I believe you need to be to use Drafts for macOS.

Otherwise, you might want to go into Drafts > Preferences > iCloud > Enable Syncing Logging to troubleshoot issues and send the log to Greg through Drafts > Help > Send Feedback.

Hello Yes I am a pro subscriber. I have emailed support this morning. It is so strange, I can see my list of notes/drafts on the left hand side on ipad, imac, iphone and iphone. It is only on the macbook pro that there is a blank

Thanks for helping will also do the Send Feedback.

Please open tickets using Help > Send Feedback for the Mac version so we can follow up with details. If you having sync issues, please enable sync logging in the preferences, let it run a bit and include the sync log.