Mac: Get Info, Tags

Two small improvements suggested for Mac:

  • If I’ve landed on a draft from somewhere other than the left panel/list of drafts, I can’t easily get to past Versions – I need to be able to run Get Info… on the draft, but it’s not a menu option – that might need to be added to the File menu?

  • To add an existing tag to a draft, I have to hit enter twice – once to let the app’s suggestion be used (after I’ve arrowed to select the one I want), then enter again for the tag to be accepted – seems like just accepting the suggestion should be enough

Reasonable points…comments in the meantime:

  • Info is available using the (i) info button below the editor, or could be triggered with an action using the window.showDraftInfo() function.
  • You can also just leave the tag entry field. The tag will be accepted if you take any action the un-focuses that field.

Totally missed that (i) button, thank you