Lost text typed on M1 MacBook when switching to iPhone

Hi been a drafts user for years and love the programme. It’s one of the most used on my devices.
Today, I was reflecting after a meeting, and, as normal, my first port of call was to download a stream of consciousness typing text into drafts on my MacBook… then, after typing a few paragraphs of text, I switched to my iPhone and then lost three-quarters of my text! it just vanished… this has never happened before, drafts has always been incredibly stable. Now a bit worried to keep using it as it took me a while to recall these thoughts and not sure I can bring them back…
the MacBook was connected to the internet using the phone hotspot - which I’ve done loads of times and never had a problem before. Help?

Unlikely you lost the text. Possibly you got in a race condition because sync did not have a chance to fully update between devices.

Look in your version history for the draft. If a conflicting edit occurs, the other version should still be there to restore.


Thanks really helpful.