Lost half an hour worth of notes

I have spent the last our reading in my iPad and taking notes in Drafts in my iPhone, in one single draft. I just realize that everything I’ve written over the last half on hour or so has disappeared.

Is there a know bug that could cause this?
Is there any way to recover what’s lost?


Have you made sure that you have no filters/workspaces applied to your view?

Otherwise, make sure that you have not inadvertantly moved the notes into either the archive or trash.

No known issues, but if you were using the same draft on multiple devices you may have made an older version current. First thing to check is if those edits exist in the version history of the draft.

Drafts sync with a “last edit wins” strategy. Sync is usually fast, and keeps up, but if you editing the same draft on multiple devices you can create a conflict where edits on another device are more current and replace edits on another. There should be versions that reflect that history.

Thanks! I thought I had read about version history, but couldn’t find it. Saved my lost edits!

And yes, was probably editing on both tablet and phone by mistake. The network issues I have at home might have played a role in this, according to how you desciribe how Drafts work.