Lost control of group in Directory ; how to retrieve it?

I posted this group in the Action Directory : https://actions.getdrafts.com/g/1VD

Then I deleted the group in Drafts… and I’m now unable to update it.

Is there a way to retrieve the group control or shall I publish a new group ?

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I’ve always wondered this too.

After posting, Drafts will keep a secret reference, and the same item can be updated to fix issues or update the description - or it can be removed from the Directory. Only the user who originally posted the action can update or remove it – though the identifier and secret will be synced through iCloud.

And now… I happened to have caused the same issue for myself again.

If you deleted the original group, you can no longer update the Directory version (that is why the is an additional warning when you delete an action or group in the app reminding you if you shared it to the Directory, you will lose control).

I can hide can remove the original version and you can re-share your new version.

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