Looking for tag prompt action

Hi - Wondering if anyone has an easy tag prompt action? (My tags are rather all over the place, and I’m hoping to have a list of common tags before sending notes over to Devonthink).

Can you provide some detail about what your idea of a “tag prompt action” would do, that the existing tagging options that the app offers would not do?

Do you want to add some standard collections of tags you want to define to a set of DEVONthink ready Drafts? Do you want something to help you list and rename tags to consolidate them? I am just unsure what you are actually asking for.

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Yes, sorry. Basically my drafts has a pretty wide selection of pre-existing tags, but I want a way to constrain my choices before sending it off. So instead of the hundreds of tags that have been generated over the years, I’d like a list of 10 or so to choose from.

How is the list of 10 or so tags to be determined? Most frequently used of the existing tags? You specify the list manually? Some other method?

Do you need to be able to select and apply multiple tags?

I would pre-define them. And yes, it would be ideal to apply multiple tags.

This should do those things.

It combines a template tag (to make managing your list of tags easy) with a prompt and an update to the draft to set the tags.

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Excellent - thank you!

Ah. You want, ahem, “tagsonomy”. :slight_smile:

I’ll get my coat…

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Thanks, @sylumer. Your suggested guide is quite helpful in adding favorite tags.

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