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Hi. I’m a newbie to drafts and not a coder. I’m just getting my action groups set up and I’m looking for a good action to create bulleted or numbered lists. The simple markdown list action in the directory isn’t working for me. When I run the action, it puts a “-” then I type my text but when hit the enter key the list isn’t carried over to the next line. So I have to run the action again.

Any thoughts?

weird. default action if you start a line with a dash is to start the next line with a dash. are you using an unusual external keyboard that might be typing a — instead of - ?

Ensure your draft syntax is set as Markdown and not, for example, plain text. Plain text behaviour is not to set prefix subsequent lines, whereas Markdown behaviour is.

Well that seems a lot more likely than my fanciful possible explanation…

I’m Having an issue with numbered lists. If I have to insert a new line in an existing numbered list, the rest of the list doesn’t renumber itself accordingly.

I copy these lists using markdown mail to send to others or Evernote to archive, so the format is important. Has anyone found a way to deal with this?

With markdown, I don’t actually think it matters. If you look at your list in preview, the numbers are in the right order. It’s not actually using your numbers to number the list. It’ll look ugly in Drafts but the output should be fine.

As @yvonnezed indicated, for numbered lists, Markdown generates HTML ordered list tags - which do not actually have the numbers, they get auto-numbered when display by a browser (or other HTML renderer, like in Mail or Evernote).

The lists section of the original Markdown spec explains it pretty well, but you can start every numbered list line with 1. and it will come out numbered when rendered.

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If you do want to fix the numbering of ordered lists (Markdown or Taskpaper) for plain text use, there is, FWIW this action:


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