List of Reminders to Due

I am looking to send a list of reminders from a draft to Due with each line being a separate reminder as in:

Event 1 4/23 at 8:30AM
Event 2 5/17 at 9:42PM

and so on. I can see easily how to send one reminder to Due, but am trying to get my arms around iterating through a list. I am assuming I need to use scripting, but how would I make the URL calls out of Javascript (assuming that is the best way).


Scripting is the way to go for this one.

Take a look at the CallbackURL reference page, and in particular, the example at the end. This will show you how to split a draft and call an app like Due.

Next take a look at the Due x-callback-url documentation. In particular, the add option and it’s parameters. There are examples on that page along with thw technical descriptions. This should give you the info you need to replace the Fantastical URL scheme elements in the example referenced above.

Finally, take note of the JavaScript function, encodeURIComponent(). You should encode line contents when passing them into the URL. Whilst some auto conversion often happens, if you happen to have a special character in your text that isn’t encoded, it will break your URL.

That should cover the elements you need to put together your multi-line solution.