List of Apps with x-callback-url spec

I’m new here and this is my first post on the Drafts community forum.

Drafts has a rich and extensive documentation on it’s functionality and various use-cases, including integration of x-callback-url.

The official x-callback-url website introduced a list of (third-party) Apps that support the specification.

Throughout the years, several attempts have been made by members of the community to update / document the list of Apps.

One Tap Less_

I’ve noticed that it can be quite a challenge to find official documentation on the use of x-callback-url for certain iOS Apps. That’s why I decided to gather all information I could find and list it in an Airtable base.

List of Apps with x-callback-url
Edit: Link now directs to the full base

Feel free to use it as a reference (add to homescreen), share around and/or respond with feedback and suggestions.

Inspired by Siri Shortcuts Apps, a running list of Apps that supports Siri Shortcuts.


Nicely done. I’ve been really bad at maintaining the list on the x-callback-url site, mostly updating it when a developer contacts me and asks to be added. It will be good to have a better resource. I will add a link to the apps page.


Thank you so much! I think you write the best App documentation out there.
What I would like to suggest is to (at some point) deliver the data I gathered to you, formatted the right way so that you could easily update the page with a few clicks. That would save you a lot of work and I would be more than happy to spend some of my time by contributing to the page.

Anki supports x-callback-url.

App: ‎AnkiMobile Flashcards on the App Store
URL schemes: URL Schemes - AnkiMobile Manual


Creating Anki flashcards is among my favourite things to do with Drafts.

Thank you! I’m working on an update and will add AnkiMobile Flashcards to the list.

I’ve updated viewer permissions.
Would you be able to change the link on the x-callback-url website to:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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