Linking One to Many

Linking in release 20 allows one to one linking. Is it possible to create a workspace as the result of an action providing one to many linking.

Example: Parent document with the following links

Output of action would be a Workspace containing drafts child1,child2,child3,etc. Thus allowing the ability to link to that workspace creating a one to many link.

Not a coder, but would find such a action very useful.
Thanks for any input.

You simply need to tag all your documents and create a workspace for the tag.

The cross-linking example action group has some examples around working on a project this way.

Try the “Setup Project” example in that group…and when creating the “child” links in the parent draft, use the “New Linked Draft” example.

(PS: I plan to write up some more explanation of those examples in the next few days)

Another use for my favorite cross platform application!!
Thank you Greg!