Linking iCloud files

I’m using the collaboration feature (sharing files with myself) on iOS and iPadOS to create links to iCloud files. Once I create a link, i paste it in apps like Things3 and, when clicked, it opens the file in the Files app.
In Drafts, the experience is inconsistent: clicking a link (while of course in Link Mode) directly from within a draft opens the in-app browser to (instead of opening the file in the Files app); on the contrary, when clicking the same link using the navigation menu (top right of the screen) the files opens in the Files app.
Am I missing something here? I’m on iOS/iPadOS 16.
Thank you!

Sounds like Apple has added some special handling of those iCloud URLs at the system level to route them to the Files app.

By default, Link mode opens URLs in the Safari View Controller in Drafts, which apparently handles those iCloud URLs differently than opening the URL at the system level. To workaround, you can tap and hold on a link in Link mode and than select “open” to have it opened at the system level, or use the navigation menu, or tap and hold on the link mode button and select the URL.

I’ve been meaning to add a pref for whether to default to Safari View Controller, I’ll bump that up on the list.